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ISMOD II Plus Spare Battery

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ISMOD II Plus Spare Battery

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ISMOD is Heat Not Burn technology that heats tobacco without burning it. ISMOD II Plus is the most unique model in our range with the ability to share a session with another person. ISMOD II Plus heat rods click back into place using magnets keeping them securely in place.

Product features:
  • ISMOD uses real tobacco and not liquid, providing a real tobacco experience by heating the tobacco and not burning it
  • ISMOD II Plus is a dual rod system allowing you so share a smoking session with others or allow you to have consecutive smoking sessions
  • ISMOD II Plus allows you to smoke up to 28 heat sticks on a single charge
  • ISMOD uses tobacco heat sticks such as HEETS which can be purchased separately
  • This product contains NO NICOTINE

Can be used with HEETS and other similar tobacco heat sticks which can be bought separately. This product is designed to be a REPLACEMENT or INTERCHANGEABLE part and should be used with the appropriate ISMOD II Plus Heating head that was purchased as part of your ISMOD II Plus kit or separately

 Product Specifications:
  • Weight:              100g
  • Dimensions:      10.1 x 5.5 x 2.1 cm
  • Battery:              2600 mAh
  • Capacity:           20+ tobacco heat sticks
  • Heat Sticks:       Compatible with HEETS and other similar heat sticks
  • Smoking time:   14 puffs or 260 seconds
  • Charging time:   1.5 hours for battery base & 5 mins for heating rod
Spare Parts:
  • Single heating rods
  • Additional heating rod caps