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Can I Take My Vape Pen On An Airplane? A guide to vaping when travelling.

Can I Take My Vape Pen On An Airplane? A guide to vaping when travelling.


In most cases, it is prohibited to carry a vape pen on planes. This policy includes a prohibition on e-cigarettes as well. Moreover, even if the airplane policies allow you to take these electronic devices, you cannot put them inside your checked-in luggage. Typically, they are permitted only on your carry-on baggage because they consist of lithium batteries.

If the policies do not allow vape pens, you can become a victim of legal repercussions and may even be banned from flying. Using a vape (vaping) is discouraged and restricted on planes and most airports, but you are only allowed to vape inside a designated smoking room, or else they can not be used.

These smoking areas are also usually located far away from the terminal or outside of the airport.

The Ultimate Guide to Vaping on Planes & Traveling 

Buying vape juice and refills:

When traveling abroad, if your flight approves carrying vape pens, it can be a little tricky to take extra vape juice and refills since they have limited permits. Not all countries permit selling vape juice and refills. 

Therefore, it is advisable to do your research before boarding a flight to go abroad with your vape pens and other electronic vapourisers.

Taking care of your vape pen onboard:

 Be sure to read the safety instruction of your vape pen before using it. Most electronic devices have a list of dos and don'ts, such as exposure to heat, air, or sunlight. It is best to keep your vape pens on average temperature, dark places for maximum safety.

Vaping etiquette:

Since vaping isn't widely known in all countries, it is best to learn the vaping etiquettes of the place you are in before you start to vape. Always be cautious of the public around you and the areas you vape to avoid unnecessary legal issues.

Check the rules:

Before you board any flight with your e-cigarette or your vape pen, make sure to check the guidelines first to avoid unnecessary hold-ups. You should also check the airports’ policies and allow vaping inside the airports after exiting your plane. 

The local rules and regulations may also have specific laws regarding smoking and vaping to check out before traveling.


Can you smoke e-cigs on planes?

For safety reasons, e-cigarette smoking or vaping is not allowed in planes. Although the risk of secondhand smoke does not apply to e-cigarettes such as vape pens, it is discouraged to smoke in public, especially around pregnant women or babies.

In general, e-cigarettes and vape pens are allowed in your carry-on baggage but not allowed to use them while in the airport or flying.

Most airplanes have different policies on e-cigarettes and vape pens that allow you to carry them but not use them on board. Some flights that have this policy are Easyjet and British Airways. 

Emirates, Qantas Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic are some of the flights that do not allow carrying or using e-cigarettes and vape pens at all. These are all non-smoking flights and adhere to this rule judiciously.

When was smoking banned on planes in the UK?

In July 2007, smoking was banned on planes in the UK. Following a series of unfortunate events that occurred due to smoking in closed public spaces, the authorities passed the law of smoking prohibition in such establishments.

Can I use my vape at the airport?

Most airports ban the use of vapes. This is due to safety and public etiquette reasons. Even if they allow it, vaping is only permissible in designated smoking areas that are generally located as far away as possible from the terminals or even outside the airport.

Empty Your Vape Tank Before Flying

Vape tanks carry the risk of leaking due to in-flight pressure. Vape pens also contain clearomizers which are susceptible to leakage. Because of the potential risk of safety, most flights ban the transport of such items. However, if permitted to carry, always remember to empty your vape take before getting on board a flight.

Can you take e-liquid on a plane?

E-liquids on plans are permissible to carry in your hand luggage at only a certain amount. The most common maximum limit to carry e-liquids on board is 100 ml.

Can you take e-cigarettes in hand luggage?


Typically, if an airplane company allows you to carry vape pens and e-cigarettes, you can only take them in your hand luggage and not the checked-in baggage. These devices contain lithium batteries and thus pose a safety risk. 

You should place vape pens and e-cigarettes in a clear plastic bag and present them at the security check along with all your other electronics, including the liquid refills for the vape pens. 

Can you take e-cigarettes on a Jet2 flight?

On Jet2 flights, you can carry your vape pens in your carry-on baggage. The maximum number of batteries you can take is 20, which should be sealed within the device. 

The batteries can be placed in your checked-in luggage but ensure that it is packed after switching it off. It should also be packaged in such a way as to protect it from the risk of damage.

It would be best if you carried the refills and other liquids for your vape pen and e-cigarettes in your carry-on, where the maximum limit is 100 ml per bottle. These items are to be presented to the security team during check-in in a clear plastic bag.

Even if carrying e-cigarettes are allowed on Jet2 flights, you are not allowed to use them onboard.

Can you take e-cigarettes on a Ryanair flight?

On Ryanair flights, you are permitted to carry 20 batteries on board, all supposed to be packed in your hand luggage. Along with this, even your refills and other e-liquids should be together in your carry-on baggage only.

However, you aren't allowed to use it while onboard.

Can you carry a vape and liquid on an Easyjet flight?

Easy Jet flights have a policy on e-cigarettes and vape pens that allow a maximum of two spare batteries that you can carry in your hand luggage but not in your checked-in baggage. 

You are also directed to pack all the refills and vape juice in clear plastic bags for easier inspection and safety purposes. You should fill all other liquid items the same way.

For a hassle-free journey, it is best to read up on the company’s policies, airport, and the places you are traveling to before getting onboard. Many companies offer the best vapes and e-cigarettes that are easy to travel with and great to use. 

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