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Alternatives to menthol Cigarettes-UK

Alternatives to menthol Cigarettes-UK

Menthol is a widely used flavour among tobacco cigarettes. There are many downfalls to smoking menthol cigarettes or just regular cigarettes. The use and consumption of tobacco in any form is harmful to a person's health and well-being.

The tobacco product directive by the European Union states the offence of selling menthol cigarettes and other flavoured hand-rolling tobacco to customers. This ban does not apply to menthol filters or e-cigarettes. Retails of cigarettes and tobacco are still allowed to sell "green cigarettes" or those with the same or almost similar name as previously existing menthol cigarettes. 

The retailer should confirm that there is no actual menthol in the cigarette itself. Retailers are obliged to make known to the customer that these "green" cigarettes do not contain menthol whatsoever and educate them simultaneously on the menthol ban.  

Are menthol cigarettes banned?

The ban on menthol cigarettes came into effect in the UK on 20th May 2020. This came as a part of the new anti-smoking laws in all stores, across all the UK countries.

Imposing this ban means that it is now illegal for stores, factories, and merchants in the UK to sell or manufacture menthol cigarettes. This ban includes click-on, crushball, capsule, click and roll, and dual menthol cigarettes in the UK.

The tobacco product directive initiated by the European Union follows a four-year-long project that aims to control and direct the tobacco product sale and purchase regulations. This initiative is part of a longer-term project that seeks to make the UK a smoke-free nation by 2030.

Are menthol filters banned?

Although menthol cigarettes are banned in the UK, there is no mention of mental filter bans. It is only illegal to sell them if they are packed with cigarettes or with tobacco.'

Menthol filters are still allowed to be purchased by customers if they buy the filter and the tobacco separately. 

E-cigarette menthol


E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that you can use as an alternative to regular smoking. It is considered a safer alternative to regular smoking, be it flavoured or unflavoured tobacco. 

People are known to use e-cigarettes as a means of helping them reduce and even quit smoking. Although they are less harmful than their counterparts, it does not free them from any adverse effects. 

The menthol ban in the UK does not, however, apply toe-cigarettes or heated tobacco products.

When do menthol cigarettes get banned?

Since 20th May 2020, it is officially illegal to buy menthol cigarettes in the UK. For the most prominent part, the ban aims at helping people reduce the amount of smoking. This ban applies to all the different countries in the UK, so there are no loopholes for merchants to stock up on them and sell illegally. 

When does the menthol ban take effect?

From 20th May 2020 onwards, the menthol cigarette ban is in full force. Before this total ban on menthol cigarettes in the UK, it was only illegal to sell menthol cigarettes in packs of 20 or more. 

This is an initiative taken up by an inclusive tobacco product directive legislation after in-depth research. The study found that menthol cigarettes are more popular among younger smokers since they tend to smoke. Addiction at such a young age can develop and manifest itself into something more chronic and deadly as the years pass by. 

The most common misconception among menthol cigarette smokers is that menthol is a lighter, less deadly tobacco form, health-wise. This is probably the reason why there is a lot of demand for menthol cigarettes. 

Menthol's flavour is more appealing to some people than regular non-menthol cigarettes. They are also more common among younger customers since they mass the strong smell and unpleasant taste of tobacco. 

To make sure that tobacco is unavailable for younger customers and subsequently reducing its consumption is the target of banning menthol cigarettes. 

Why are menthol cigarettes getting banned?

The EU (European Union) bans menthol cigarettes in the UK as part of an initiative to prevent and reduce tobacco use. Accordingly, tobacco is the "single largest avoidable health risk," which means that stopping tobacco sales can significantly reduce tobacco consumption. 

Tobacco has also been deemed as the "most significant cause of premature death." In any form, people who consume tobacco- smoking or chewing tobacco- die 14 years earlier than non-smokers, on average. 

The European Union has also undertaken several initiatives to help youngsters with tobacco addiction. These initiatives' goal is to help them stop and reduce their tobacco addiction early because it manifests into chronic diseases. 

According to UK statistics, nearly 93 percent of smokers start smoking before 26, a very young age group. This is why the UE has put together the "Tobacco Product Directive' to tackle the rising problem of smoking and tobacco consumption.

 Through this legislation, all the products associated with smoking are under scrutiny and banned to reduce the sale and discourage smoking. It includes menthol cigarettes that are menthol-flavoured cigarettes that mask the smell and taste of tobacco but still carry its harmful effects.

This legislation also takes up printing warning signs, symbols, and pictures that discourage smoking and chewing tobacco on the packets before the ban was in full effect.

Through various studies conducted by researchers, it was found that menthol smokers are most likely to become lifelong smokers s compared to regular cigarette smokers. 

Will menthol vape juice be banned in the UK?

The menthol cigarette ban does not extend to e-cigarettes or any heated tobacco devices. You will still be able to buy menthol-flavoured vape juice, filters, and e-cigarette refills without breaking the law.

With the effect of the menthol ban affecting smokers all over the UK, there is so much research going into finding an alternative to menthol cigarettes. The Ismod.co.uk company offers these alternatives, which are legal and does not conflict with the EU's interests in the use of tobacco products.

About Ismod


Ismod is a company based in the UK that manufactures tobacco heating devices. The Ismod nano and Ismod Plus II launches are state-of-the-art devices that promote healthier alternatives to menthol cigarette smoking. These devices heat the tobacco and don’t burn it, removing many nasty chemicals for a healthier experience

Weighing only 51 grams, the Ismod Nano is a small and compact device for those looking for convenience and discreteness. It also comes with adjustable temperature control and an easy eject button for removing the heat sticks.

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