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Say goodbye to bulky devices.

Say goodbye to bulky devices.


Portability is a crucial aspect of all technological devices. People want things that are small enough to fit in their pockets that are barely noticeable. This is what ISMOD offers. If you want sleek, portable, stylish and modern heat-not-burn devices, ISMOD is an excellent choice. These modern smoking devices are designed and built to save you time and money and are available in various assorted colours.

What ISMOD has to offer

ISMOD's compact and sophisticated design, coupled with advanced technology, is a must-have for anyone considering a heat-not-burn device. Their aptly named products fit in with their 'small and compact' design like a glove. 

There are two unique heat-not-burn devices on ISMOD that you should take a look at.


The Nano is an excellent heat-not-burn device. This product comes in six beautiful colours, black, red, green, blue and grey. What makes this device stand out? It has a lot of cool features and a complete package that makes it the perfect choice.

Unlike most e-cigarettes, the Nano does not use any liquid. It uses natural tobacco that gives you the experience you get from a conventional cigarette but without burning it. What's cool about this product is controlling the heat at the simple press of a button. You get to choose the heat intensity levels from low, medium and high. Tobacco sticks can also be inserted by simply sliding a button, and it's compatible with HEETS or similar tobacco heat sticks. 

The ISMOD Nano can light up to twenty sticks with a single charge. So it’s pretty efficient and lasts a long time considering the compact size. The internal 1500 mAh battery and charging the battery typically takes 1.5 hours max.

Regarding size, weight and dimensions, the ISMOD Nano is one of the lightest heat-not-burn devices available. It is unbelievably lightweight and compact at just 8.9 x 2.7 x 1.7 cm in size and 51 grams. It's safe to say that the bulky days of heat-not-burn devices are over.

You also get a 12 monthly warranty along with spare parts for the battery, heating pin and heating heads.


Smoking can be a social activity, and with the II plus, you can share your device with a friend. The sleek design comes with one slot of each rod for inserting tobacco sticks. Also, there is a built-in magnet that holds the rods in place when not in use.

Like the first product, the ISMOD II Plus also uses natural tobacco instead of e-liquid. You get all the excellent features like controlling the intensity of the heat, but there is a larger 2600 mAh battery and a capacity of 28 sticks per charge. It’s compatible with HEETS and other tobacco sticks, which is perhaps one of the best things about the ISMOD products. 

Size-wise, the ISMOD II Plus Kit is not the lightest nor the smallest, but it's understandable because of the 2 in 1 design it has. But despite that, it has a decent size with dimensions 10.1 x 5.5 x 2.1 and weighs about 104.5 grams. Additionally, it comes with a 12-month warranty and spares for heating rod caps, battery and heating rod. 

The II plus also uses a heating pin, unlike most heat-not-burn devices, which use a blade that breaks easily and requires frequent repairs. With this heating pin system, you can use them for more extended periods, and if a problem arises, you can change the pin yourselves.

What is a heat-not-burn device?

Heat-not-burn is a device used for heating tobacco so that users can inhale it. It is a modern innovation that reduces the amount of smoke a regular cigarette and also makes it easy to carry in the pocket. Typically, these devices heat the tobacco at about 350 degrees which are powered by a battery. The heat produces vapour instead of smoke that you get from burning tobacco. In this way, fewer harmful chemicals are released while also mimicking traditional smoking. 



Difference between e-cigarettes, vape and heat-not-burn devices

There is a lot of misconception and misinformation when it comes to e-cigarettes, vape and heat-not-burn devices. The general purpose of all three is the same; inhale tobacco. But they differ in the production of the end product. 

An e-cigarette generally uses an electric heat source to light up the liquid nicotine. Vape is also similar to an e-cigarette, and there are options for using other products like propylene glycerol, glycerine and other flavoured ingredients for producing the smoke. Heat-not-burn is different from the other two because it uses tobacco for producing the nicotine aerosol. 


As the name suggests, The Nano is compact, high quality and the best bang for the buck. True to what ISMOD stands for. However, both devices are light, easy to handle, power-efficient and designed in the most modern way possible. For a natural experience of smoking tobacco, these devices deliver in performance and satisfaction. So if you are looking for a compact heat-not-burn device that easily fits in your pocket, get yourself an ISMOD Nano!